Without Viewers Vs Las Palmas, Barcelona Loses Billions

Without Viewers Vs Las Palmas, Barcelona Loses Billions

The decision to stage a match Vs Las Palmas without spectators turned out to have an impact on Barcelona’s finances. Reportedly, Barcelona suffered huge losses due to the absence of spectators in the match that took place at the Nou Camp on Sunday (01/10/2017).

As reported by Sport, Barcelona lost 3.4 million euros or Rp 53 billion. That amount of money came from the audience tickets and other services provided during the game.

The decision not to include the audience came out after the riots. Incidentally, the match did take place during the Catalan referendum.

The referendum itself was made to decide Catalan independence from Spain. The majority of the Catalans are said to support the independence.

The Spanish government then did not remain silent with this referendum. Unfortunately, the deployed police force acts repressively resulting in injuries.

Repressive action is then received criticism among them from the former Barcelona player, Hristo Stoichkov. He called the actions of the Spanish government embarrassing.

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