Winger Bournemouth Praise Jurgen Klopp

Winger Bournemouth Praise Jurgen Klopp

Although never ‘dumped’ by Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp but apparently Jordon Ibe did not feel a grudge with the former club and manager. The England winger was even impressed with the energetic Klopp personality ahead of his second reunion in the AFC Bournemouth vs Liverpool duel on Sunday (17/12).

While still in Liverpool, Ibe referred to as one of the young talents that potentially skyrocketed in the future. Coming from Wycombe Wanderers since 2012, the 22-year-old player is even considered to equal the Raheem Sterling explosion which also pursue the beginning of a pro career at Anfield.

Unfortunately Ibe considered still lacking consistency in the game. Reportedly the young man born in Bermondsey was even involved a variety of disciplinary offenses. Finally he was loaned to Birmingham City and Derby County in the range 2014 to 2015 before finally released permanently to Bournemouth in the summer of 2016 after pocketing 58 appearances and four goals in the first team.
Ibe considered weak at survival

But this sales did not make Ibe have a bad view about Klopp. Although ultimately failed to thrive in the care of former Borussia Dortmund manager when it has been promoted by Brendan Rodgers, Ibe still feel if Klopp is the top architect. His passion on the sidelines makes Red Merseyside play with more players.

“He (Klopp) is a good coach. He is able to inject confidence in the players and make you feel important. It does not matter whether you’re a starter or a backup all the same. That’s why I gave him credit, “Ibe told BBC Sport.

“Klopp in a positive sense is more aggressive than Eddie Howe (the Bournemouth boss). He is easily excited. You can see on the pitch he is like the 12th Liverpool player, ”

“While I was there he helped me to get better. I’m not very good at helping defense at that moment, “he added.

Ibe the opportunity to bring Bournemouth back win over Liverpool in Vitality Stadium after last season The Cherris did a comeback nicely with the final score 4-3 there. So far he has appeared 15 times in all competitions this season. (Source: Goal)

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