Nicky Butt Supports Mika Matic To MU

Hasil gambar untuk Nicky Butt Dukung Nemanja Matic Ke MU

Nicky Butt Supports Mika Matic To MU

Former Manchester United player Nicky Butt backed his former club’s move, which is hunting down one of Chelsea’s top players, Nicky Butt, at the end of this summer.

Jose Mourinho has the plan, and Matic also opens opportunities for wanting to meet or reunite with a Portuguese coach, but it will be difficult because the concerned has an important role under the care of Antonio Conte.

“Matic is a great player I think he will make a stronger Manchester United squad if he is officially leaving there,” Butt said.

“He is quite unique and quite rare who can play like him, when he survives he will really help the defender, which means it can make even stronger defense.”

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