Neymar will soon be anchored in Paris

Neymar will soon be anchored in Paris

Various sources believe that Barcelona football star, Neymar will dock to Paris Saint-Germain next week Link Alternatif Sbobet.

Media reports that Neymar da Silva Santo Junior will complete the transfer process to PSG on Monday or next Tuesday.

They claimed that the 25-year-old attacker was finishing his personal terms with PSG – a 5-year contract, which he would receive 30 million Euro before tax.

“The agreement is fixed, all details have been approved”, the source told the media, adding “Neymar has made a choice. A dispute with a teammate confirms what he feels. ”

Known a few days ago Neymar was involved in a dispute with Nelson Semedo while training in Barcelona.

“We hope both clubs will complete the process on Monday or Tuesday. To our knowledge, his future is in Paris. ”

French media reported that PSG wants to open direct negotiations with Barcelona to reduce or avoid an additional 21% tax charge so that the total cost does not exceed EUR 222 million regarding player purchases.

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