Neville: Zlatan Not a Threat to My Paws

Neville: Zlatan Not a Threat to My Paws

Manchester United legend Gary Neville admits that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not a threat to Romelu Lukaku

In his last 11 games with The Red Devils, Lukaku only managed to score a goal, with many assessing that Ibrahimovic’s presence has put extra pressure on the player.

Even so, Neville disagrees with that, and considers Zlatan as the right motivator and motivator for Lukaku.

“I’m sure Jose Mourinho certainly will not worry about the goal drought experienced by Romelu Lukaku,” said the legend told reporters. “He will perform in two very important matches.”

“Lukaku currently has more chances, but he is also under greater pressure. When he failed to score, he got the spotlight and criticism. ”

“It’s a normal thing, but in the next two games, he should be able to silence the criticism.”

“I have not seen Zlatan as a threat to Lukaku. She is the right supplement for her. The only way for Lukaku to be number one is to get the same aura as Zlatan. “

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