Merson: Should be Arsenal Boyong Drinkwater

Merson: Should be Arsenal Boyong Drinkwater

Arsenal football legend Paul Merson feels the team he is supposed to bring Danny Drinkwater in the transfer market this summer Baccarat Online.

During the opening of the summer transfer market The Gunners are continuously linked to boyong Thomas Lemar from Monaco but on the last day of closing they failed to get his autograph.

That way, Merson believes that if you can bring the players who have officially strengthened Chelsea to Emirates stadium from Leicester City then the North London club will look perfect for the arungi hard competition Premier League and Europa League.

“I see the players do not care at Anfield,” Paul Merson told the media.

“Arsenal should have offered to Danny Drinkwater instead of letting him go to Chelsea.

“At least he’ll fight for you.”

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