Kompany: Pep More Flexible Than Mancini

Kompany: Pep More Flexible Than Mancini

Vincent Kompany admits that Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City team is much more flexible than Manchester City’s coach Roberto Mancini Agen Sbobet.

Kompany who once felt the cold hands of Mancini, admitted that the team in the Guardiola era has a better ability to adapt to the strategies used by the opposing team.

“When we won our first league title, our team was inhabited by a lot of strong personality players. A lot of strong players, as well as characters in the team. ”

“The people who were in the team at the time, have the ability to determine the outcome of the game.”

“While this team has a much more flowing game, coordination, and system we use is very sophisticated. So we’ll see later, this team still needs to win something. ”

“But according to my feelings, our team still has many things that can be utilized. In the former team, the personnel we have, make it difficult for us to play the three-man lineups. ”

“In this team, it is very easy for us to change formation from four players back, to three players back, and so on. In fact, we can adapt to matches, in many ways. “

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