Fine Avoid Messi from Prison Vonis

Bintang Barcelona, Lionel Messi, resmi menikahi Antonella Roccuzzo.

Fine Avoid Messi from Prison Vonis
Barcelona star Lionel Messi could have avoided a penalty if paying a penalty on the cost of losses due to tax evasion Bola Online Maxbet.

Together with his father Jorge, he is considered to be tax evasion of 4.1 million euros (Rp 62.7 billion) in the range 2007-2009. He was prosecuted 21 months in prison by the prosecutor’s office.

However, quoted from the BBC, Messi could avoid a prison sentence if paid a fine of 252,000 euros (Rp 3.85 billion).

“The amount is equivalent to 400 euros per day from Messi’s tax evasion time frame,” the court’s official explanation said.

Meanwhile, the father was also fined 180,000 euros. This is in lieu of a 15-month jail term.

This court verdict is actually predictable. The law in Spain states that a jail sentence under two years may be served on probation.

Messi, who has just signed a new contract with an estimated salary of 500,000 pounds per week, is just one of many footballers who had been hit by tax cases in Spain.

Javier Mascherano has been hit by a similar case in 2016. Recently, like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo is also subject to tax evasion charges over his image rights.

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