Collymore: Morata Not Afraid of Rival

Collymore: Morata Not Afraid of Rival

Liverpool football legend Stan Collymore believes Chelsea’s new recruit, Alvaro Morata is not so worried about the other strikers in the Premier League.

After being brought in from Real Madrid this summer for 75 million Pounds the Spanish goal machine is mentioned will compete as top scores with names like Harry Kane and also Romelu Lukaku, which is where his goal yesterday’s record is really outside Ordinary.

Where Kane scored 29 goals from 30 matches. While Romelu last season when still with Everton print 25 goals from 37 matches in the domestic league. Nevertheless, but Collymore is very confident that Alvaro will not be afraid to fight them.

“Chelsea’s new recruit should be ready with media coverage and perhaps in training, that he is not as good as Christiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Isco da Gareth Bale for days at Real Madrid,” Stan Collymore told the media.

“But he can still take chances when they come to him at the Bernabeu and score one or two great goals for the club.

“So with great respect Kane and Romelu Lukaku in this case I feel Morata will not be too worried to fight them in the Premier League.”

Although Morata is considered to be competing as the top scorer in the Premier League, but Stan more Kane ideal.

“I was asked last week whether I would rather have Morata or Kane and that would certainly make me think,” Collymore continued.

“As a former striker, I respect both. But if you’re going to play a system that means a middle striker who can hit high and counter-attack, then maybe you’ll say Morata. He’s faster than Kane. His movements are faster so he will benefit you.

“But if you’re looking for a good all-around one who can play with two types of football like holding the ball and bringing someone else into the game and also doing well when he faces his goal, then you will say it to Tottenham man and a British man. “

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