Barcelona: Neymar Give Us Big Profits

Barcelona: Neymar Give Us Big Profits

Chief executive of FC Barcelona Oscar Grau admitted that Neymar transfer has provided many advantages for his team.

The Brazilian star moved to PSG, with a transfer benderol of 222 million euros. The transfer was successful making him the most expensive player in the world, and provides many benefits for La Blaugrana.

Grau announced that in the 2016/17 season, revenue from FC Barcelona successfully touched the figure of 708 million euros, with their budget in 2017/18 season, successfully broke the club record, with a score of 897 million euros.

“We have to forget the price paid for Neymar last summer,” the Spaniard told reporters.

“After taxes, we receive 188 million euros. The transfer affects 144 million euros into the club’s cash reserves. “

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